Sunday, October 26, 2008

So many things, so little time!

I'm not sure where to begin...I have so much to share. Let's see...first, my fall crafty swap gift I received from Michele. It was so fun, and right up my ally. She put some special time into it, and I thank you for all the wonderful items! I can't wait for the next one to start up :-) No pressure AZ girl...I know you gots lots go'n on around your hacienda!

This is a close up of the little scare crow inside a mason jar she made for me...too cute!

Next I'd like to share with you all another special gift I received...but this time it was completely unexpected and it was from my awesome, talented, beautiful mother! She is one of the most talented women I know and I wouldn't be able to do what I do if it wasn't for her patience and support. She never gave up pursuing me with all her crafty creativeness. She always introduced me to ideas of craftiness, whether it was sewing, painting, quilting, building, or beautifying (not sure if that's a word) but you get my meaning, right? She never stops surprising me, another reason I love her like I do. Here's the special gift: A beautiful fall table runner...

Lastly, I finished a couple of projects. A diaper bag for a sweet friend. She and her family just picked up a new addition to their family...they are fostering a new little baby boy. What a tremendous blessing they are going to be for this little baby. It's a precious gift to have a child, and it's hard to understand when they are left alone, abused, and uncared for. God give us all your grace to minister to families who are in crisis. They so desperately need you, they need our love and patience too. Thank you for giving this baby a home and a family to care for him.

Another purse...shades of green

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bring it on

Fall is the season of festivals, fairs, and crafty events, right? That being the case, I've entered my first ever crafty fair/festival event! I'm so excited, but soooo nervous...of course I can't even describe my thoughts lately (sheer fright sums it up nicely). What if I don't sell anything...what if I don't make enough stuff...what if my booth looks lame...what if I come across flaky (that's not hard for me to do if you know me...which most of you do who read my ity-bity blog :-) ...what if someones not happy with a purchase they made from me...the list goes on and on! I seriously think the what if's are going to kill me before the show date, I should forget about all this fretting business, I'll be put out of my misery soon enough. I know, I know...just take it easy from here on out, right? Easier said than done ladies! I probably sound a little off my rocker, sorry it's spilling over into blogville. You're still with me I hope, I haven't scared you off...even though today's blog is just a tad bit loopy? Just hang in there with me until D-Day arrives, or should I say C-Day ? I solemnly swear I won't go nutty in every blog...just a few from time to time :-)
Here's a few things I've been working on lately...I sew love to sew! It's my true love (besides my hottie hubby!) I can't imagine life without it...

This bag of reminds me of Dandelions in Fall
This one, maybe a Bohemian Flower?

A new Golden Paisley apron...

Pretty in Pink apron anyone?

I absolutely love this Asian theme fabric...just can't get enough of it

All of these new items will be for sale in my etsy shop! If your interested in anything and you don't see it listed in the shop, let me know, I'll answer any of your questions.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh so excited!

Hello's been a while. I've been a busy bee around here. I'm so, so excited over my latest project! It's a baby quilt I put together for a gal back in Cali. We grew up in the same little town, went to the same little ol' H.S....had a lot of the same friends. Anyway...she came across my "myspace" and really liked the things I've been designing. Her new little girl is due in Nov. and she wanted something unique for her bedding. I told her I would LOVE to make a quilt for her new bundle of Joy! Here we are...all finished. I do have to say so's absolutely gorgeous! What do you think?

...lastly, a tiny, but important piece of satisfaction...

My little Mae, as you all know, is struggling with kindergarten this year. Last week I was so busy, trying to get the baby quilt finished, trying to get more items ready for my etsy shop, planning birthday parties (we have 3 this month!), trying to get started on my fall crafty swap (which I have, thank you Lord), and making progress on all my coffee cozy orders! Well, in the middle of the day on Tues. I went to have lunch w/ her (that was our deal...she would try not to cry for 3 full weeks & I would come and have lunch w/ her) she made it, so I had to make good on my promise (I did make sure w/ her teacher that it wouldn't affect her progress, she assured me it wouldn't) hmmm...well it did. She had a heck of a time letting me leave. She cried, and held on to me for dear life. I slowly made it out of the classroom, and yes...had my cry, too. Of course my day went south. All I could think of is how much I missed her, how much it hurt her to be away from me, was she that scared? It was not a very productive day after that. I finally made it back to my sewing machine and sat down with a thump. I could not sew for enjoyment or even necessity...all I could think of was Mae. Before I knew it I was on the floor cutting out a little somthin' somthin for my sweet girl. This is what it turned out to be...

She loved it! I was so happy to see her smile after school. It made me feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. For now, we're both on the road to Kindergarten recovery. I know it's a difficult road, but I've been told it's not a very long road and it will get easier and easier everyday :-)