Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Daddy!

Yes, my hunka-burn'n love is a Happy Daddy...and no I did not have another baby! Big Daddy is flashing his new Tatt's and he's ecstatic! He's been wanting them for sooooo long, and finally the day arrived. I know, I know...the permanent thing freaks people out, but it's something you either love or hate, there is no in between. Anyhow...he's mine, for a very long time and I can live with him no matter what he covers his body with. Yes...he probably won't look so cool when he's 70 sport'n nautical stars, but neither will the gray hair or bald head, missing teeth, wrinkles and sag. I'll love him anyway...I'll love him always...that's how it is with Big Daddy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Receiving End...'s the Swappy gift I IS SO AWESOME! My partner completely out-did herself! (I'm sooo glad she was my partner...not to rub it in or anything :) I just can't help myself.
First, a b-e-a-utiful bouquet of flowers made out of pattern paper! How cute is that? She's so crafty that La~Te~Da, her brain is always on overdrive :)
Next, a sweet journal with an old tape measure and the phrase "Sew Happy Together"...for all those days I can't stop thinking of Big Daddy, I can journal my little heart away!

Also, a sweet little candle with a pretty little birdie and 2 pieces of GORGEOUS fabric. Believe me, I already have a pattern picked out to create something incredible with it.
A fun little paper sign to hang the door to my sewing room "Sew Busy" or "Not Sew Busy" you wish you came up with this collage of cuteness, I know I do :)
Lastly, and something I'm very partial to...a charm necklace that has a snapshot of trailers on it along with the phrase "Mess with me, you mess with the WHOLE trailer park"! You gotta love that, especially when it's sooo true considering my family back in Cali. I grew up in trailers, we all did. They would be so proud to wear this badge of honor...just like me!

Thanks know I love it ALL! So, any of you ladies out there that just happen by my blog, go check out La~Te~Da...she does amazing stuff. Plus she's going to be at three shows this summer, so stay tuned :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Swap

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED my spring swappy gift! La~Te~Da was my partner and she did an amazing job on all the beautiful things she gave me. Thank you girl...your the bomb! I wanted to share what I made for was a lot of fun making, I think I want to make one for myself now :) I used an old quilt, sheets, and pillow hankies, cloth napkin, and a hair elastic for the wallet. I followed these cute tutorials for the bag and the wallet. Try them out...they were so easy to make! The Pleated Purse and the Scrappy Loyalty Card Wallet.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Go Away

Rain, Rain go away
Come again another day...

Another day far, far off like next fall...
I need sun, more sun

My skin looks a little grey,
My mood is even about you?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blue Skies...

So I got this awesome text from my used to be "AZ" girlfriend, she's now home again. For how long...God only knows, but I'm happy to have her here for however long he lets me have her. Onward...the text, she simply told me to keep my chin up... and I had to share it with you. It's kept me moving. Moving through the valley...I've kept my chin up, that's exactly what I've been doing. Keeping my eyes up, my face up, my chin up...everything pointed to the heavenly realms. It's good. It's helping. It's Jesus...he sees me looking for him when I'm tired and want to look down. Just as soon as I begin to look down, he catches my eye and I begin to focus again. I see blue skies...the valley isn't so black anymore...Jesus is walking beside me.

Lately I see him in my husband. When I don't want to move forward, do what needs to be done, change what needs to change...Andy loves me still. That makes me want to walk the valley, makes me climb the impossible mountain, move the unmovable. He keeps up the prayer vigil nightly. He serves me with an open hand and an open heart. At our last FPU class I was reminded of so many times that Andy has given of his heart to me freely...without expectation of return. I see Jesus in my husband and I fall in love with him all over again. How wonderful is that? Wouldn't that be worth going through trial for? Wouldn't that be worth God refining and molding me...only to show me that the victory in the end will forever bless my marriage ? I believe so...yes, I'm sure of it...Jesus has made things clear to me and I'm just now ready to accept them.

I'm gaining courage and strength as I battle through this...Jesus is my savior time and time again. How truly I see his love when he picks me up and dusts me off, sets my feet on solid ground, takes my hand, and leads me forward. God...I cannot thank you enough times, with enough words for giving your only son. My heart skips a beat, tightens in my chest, and my breath is taken away when I think of the sacrifice...something I don't think I could ever do. What an amazing God I serve...full of grace...and love...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Moon Countdown Official

Just had to mention...last night J "10" had her birthday party. It was a sleep over with 8 little girls. WoW...yeah...ummm...I'm tired this morning...but I had to post! Yes Indeed ladies, it was a Twilight tizy here in the Watts home. It was time to officially share with these sweet girls when there beloved Edward, Bella, and Jacob would grace the big screen again! Oh how fun it is to share the ooohs, awwwes, and giggles. I will remember these days forever...thank you Jesus for my little girl who's not so little anymore. Bless her as she continues to grow up into a beautiful young lady. Thank you for all the fun and joy she has brought into our lives...