Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is it possible?

...sure it is! I haven't spent a lot of time sewing these past couple of weeks due to the fact that I'm reorganizing my "life". I know, sounds a little dramatic, but it is a serious project for me. I've been introduced to the Fly Lady. For many of you, she's already a part of your life (lucky you!) but for some of us, well me for instance, I've just seen the "light". It's a great online community of bright, intelligent, fun, organized, not-so-organized, blessed women. Everyday this week I've been encouraged, supported, and given a pat on the back for my little baby steps toward becoming full-fledged Fly Lady. The Fly Lady has given me back my confidence that yes, I can keep things in order, clean, tidy, and de-cluttered. Of course we have to start with baby steps, that's what being a Fly Baby is all about. Learning new, little things, everyday and putting them into practice. Slowly these new routines become habits, and what a difference it makes in our home! I'm so excited about this new concept of perfectionism leading to procrastination...it's so true! Just think about it...how many times do you tell yourself things like..."I can't devote 3 hrs. to this project, so I'm not going to even begin..." or maybe..."I'm out of bathroom cleaner, so I'll clean it after I get to the store..." The list can go on, and on, right? These are kind of lame examples, but you get my drift, right? I love the fact that I get all my reminders sent straight to my cell in a text. For instance, in the morning I'm reminded to Swish and Swipe my bathrooms, later what's for dinner, and at the end of my day shine your sink! This is just a little sample of what the Fly Lady has done in my life this last week or so. It's definitely helped me realize that if I continue to be anal about my routines and methods, it will ultimately lead to lots of procrastination in my home. I hope you all go and check out the Fly Lady...she'll bless you, just like she did me, I know it!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thrifty finds...

Hmmm...it's been brought to my attention that I've been slack'n, blog-slack'n that is. My Az girl made it clear that I need to get busy. So here it is...all of my awesome thrifty finds over the past week. I went thrift'n with the awesome mom and we found some great bargains. The glasses above, a set of 10, I found at a local antique store. The gal gave them to me for $15...WOW, I thought that was a deal! Funny, I just tossed out my old ice-cream maker the day I found this one, it was meant to be I guess. Az girl and I went shopping and came across the old Sears ice-cream maker and I snagged it up quick. Also found some awesome vintage pillow cases and table clothes. All in all, it's been a very productive week for me. I hammered out a custom ordered bag for one of my favorite barista's and will be delivering it to her today...I hope it's to her liking...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I've had an awesome visit with my dear Az girl. It's been so cool just sitting and chatting with her. I miss those mornings we spent drinking coffee, discussing life and all it's mysteries. Not that deep, mostly kids stuff, family stuff, and girlfriends stuff...you know the "stuff". Anyways just seeing her made me realize how much I missed her and how fortunate I am to call her friend. She's an amazing lady, mother, and friend. She's real, and that's hard to find most of the time. She doesn't' pretend and that's a quality that I admire most of all in a friend...thanks for being a part of my life girlie :-) God bless you and yours...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Frenchy Flair

I made this beautiful purse for the best Mom in the world (of course that would be my Mom)! She giggled with glee as I handed it over to her. I had told her this particular bag (because of the rich fabric) would be heading over to a store that I'm consigning purses at. I think she possibly was feeling a tad bit neglected due to the fact I had not made her a purse yet. Honestly, I really didn't think she would like carrying a cloth purse, boy was I wrong! She was very happy with it and she's been "showing it off" to everyone she meets :-) Mom's are the greatest, aren't they? Talk about my biggest fan, besides my husband, she's my biggest supporter and partner. She's the one I go to when I run into irritating little probs, when I need to bounce ideas off someone, when I need advice with a particular project (not mention life advice), when I can't quite figure something out, and pretty much everything in between. God certainly blessed me with an incredibly smart, talented, fun, beautiful, accepting, accomplished, loving, encouraging, kind, honest mother. She means the world to me... love you Mom...enjoy your Frenchy Flair purse!