Friday, January 28, 2011

Currently, on my list here it is, I finally decided to post it. I wrote this and then backed out of posting it...dumb, I know. Why was I so silly about it, I guess I was making sure I at least started some of these resolutions and not look like a great big loser.

Instead of posting Currently, on my list, I wrote something back at the begining of the month and it read like this Realistic. Along the same lines as this post, but just a little less in depth.'s my original post that I should of just posted:

Resolutions...I've never took them seriously. I've never really even spoke one out loud (that I can remember anyway). That being said, I want 2011 to be different. I want to actually set some things in motion, make some decisions, find some ambition, follow through (not quit, thats one pattern I DO follow) and hopefully get some amazing results (not asking for much, I know!)

I have a tendency to sit around (a lot!) moan, groan, procrastinate, whine, and not accomplish much. LET'S break the cycle...can I get an AMEN! I've stacked up a list of projects, ideas, and goals that have cycled through my creative halo (horns?) for the past year. Of course I shelve them all, way up there in the back corner to collect draggy dust. HELLO,'s a new year, new time, a new direction! Take a looky-lu at a few of my New Year aspirations...

1. Learn how to use my Macbook Pro, Papa Bear bought me a one on one membership along with my laptop...and I seriously need to go in for a class.

2. I've become a slacker, a slug, a little too other words: LAZY. In many area's of my physical self, my house, my hobbies, my marriage. So, I'm on the hunt for some major motivation (any good council on this subject will be greatly appreciated)

3. Learn how to use my camera. What an amazing birthday gift (from Papa Bear) and I still can't even get a good, Canon picture! Sheesh...

4. Somehow, someway learn how to dress. I have an image of myself, and I want to define part of who I am through style, the kind of style that expresses my personality. Because of my weight gain over the last year, I've lost the ability to put anything remotely acceptable together from my wardrobe. It's positively devastating to my self esteem presently...

5. Get my sewing/office room organized. It's an ever-growing affliction on my ability to create or do anything productive. A revolving door of sorts. I begin to straighten/organize, feel good, get distracted...begin to sew. Never finish, truly finish, make another GIGANTIC mess, cannot begin another project because of the chaotic disarray. This goal sort of leads into the my next grandiose idea...

6. Sort/Budget/Organize my financials. I have bills, papers, statements, receipts piled EVERYWHERE! I cannot, for the life of me, get this CRAP organized. Feeling so overwhelmed is an understatement. It's ONE of the TWO reasons, I can't seem to get our finances straightened out. (#2 reason, I'm a procrastinator...but we won't discuss that, since I'm desperately trying to overcome that!)

7. Finish my quilt from 2010 Not Your Mama's Quilt club. I love it, especially all the different women who took time each month to put squares together and be part of the special group Marci and I put together.

8. Make a new duvet cover for my bed using this tutorial...I heart Anthropologie

9. Get serious and help "J" 1 prepare for college. He will be a senior next year...HOLY COW!!!
Something's not adding up, I cannot possibly old enough to have a college student!!!??? REALLY???

10. Exercise...regularly. Try like 3x a week. I HAVE to do it, and believe it or not...I've started. Thanks for hang'n in there with me gf :)

***Update: I have started Weight Watchers, lost 10+ lbs., started & finished many projects, made some $$$, initiated a Women's Retreat at our church, and started taking more photos! Yes...I can proudly say I am on my way...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New things

Things I've made, but haven't got around to blogging random order:

Beautiful Vintage Buttercup bag

Some fun scrappy fabric flower pins

A summertime bag, with scrappy flowers

Bloom'n Headband/Warmer
Lots of Bloom'n Hats...

Best Chocolate Chip cookies ( in the world! )

Peanut Butter Snicker-bar Cookies...Ultimate cookie goodness!

My 1st ever! crocheted fingerless gloves

A couple of Simple Tote bags

Time to move on to some new ideas...ya think?

Sunday Love...

Jeeeeez...I knew I would forget! I completely spaced out last Sunday and didn't post my Sunday Loves, that's a super big bummer because this Sunday...I'm not feel'n much love at all. I know, what a drag, but that's reality :( Here's a few things that I've managed to scrape up...things I couldn't live without...

1. My glitter eyeliner by Urban Decay...I seriously could not live without it. EVERYTIME I wear it, I get compliments.

2. Our new Espresso bar at church, I get an awesome drink EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY!

3. The library...when I'm feel'n "oh-so-blah" I scoot right on down to the library and find me some good reads, that always brightens my day!

4. My hands, and fingernails. There's not much about myself that I can compliment on, but I do have nice hands.

5. I love that no matter how much of a grump I am today, Papa Bear has still managed to kiss and hug on me.

6. I finished a project in just a couple of hours, using Papa Bear's old sweater he was donating to the Goodwill. ( cute little shoulder sling )

7. I love that tomorrow is a new day...

How about you, love anything today???

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Love...

I'm so looking forward to church today...just seeing everyone, visiting, drinking coffee from our "new" espresso cafe, & worshiping God. How much better can you get? Not much, I think...

1. I love going to watch the first pro game EVER! And we kicked butt...thanks Papa Bear for asking me to go with you!

2. I love my Starbucks insulated cup with the red & white stripped straw...I take it everywhere with me.

3. I love visiting with my Nanny...even though I'm not getting anything else done, I'm enjoying the time I have with her.

4. I love roast beef Subway sandwiches...they are low in Weight Watcher points and tasty, too!

5. I love that I got all my hats and purses posted on Facebook. (Now I just need to get them in my Etsy shop!)

6. I love watching all the kids I know grow up into beautiful young people.

7. I (secretly) love that it may snow this week...that means the kiddos get to stay home with me!

Papa Bear really HATES the seriously stresses him to the brink, so I have to keep my wishes on the downlow...sssssssh!

Monday, January 3, 2011


OK...I wrote a "New Year" post and I haven't published it...yet. I'm not really sure why not, except that I don't want to set myself up for failure. I'm aware that we learn when we fail, but let me just say that right now, my state of mind and well being does not need another lesson.

What I need is some accomplishment, no matter how small. I need progress, I need to feel good.

On that note, my "realistic resolution" is to be consistent and stay focused on my exercise routine no matter the circumstances surrounding me. I DO NOT WANT TO QUIT!!! I do not want this to be like the bazzilion other goals in the past. I want to be consistent, and make a life change. My prayer is, and will continue to be..."Lord, reveal the small victories in my life, show me the progress, give me the strength to keep on keep'n on".

Today is a new day, and new year...lets see where it leads me?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Love...

Today I love the people around me. For sure, God has blessed me with amazing, kind, understanding, caring people...and I love them. Truly

Papa Bear, the 4 "J's", my neighbor, my fellow sister in Christ, they made my day just when I thought it was a goner.

1. I Love Lentil's so tasty :)

2.I LOVE that "J" 1 isn't embarrassed to kiss his mama in front of people, even though he's 17yrs old now :D

3. I Love that "J" 3 wanted me to watch her new "favorite" show with her...came downstairs three times asking me to hurry, I want to sit with you and watch it!!!

4. I Love that Bubby & Poppy are coming home soon and bringing Nanny with them :D

5. I Love the book "J" 1 and "J"2 gave me at Christmas...I finished it!

6. I Love what Pastor Sean preached on today...are you going to straddle the bar & play it safe or balance, trust and step out in faith?

7. I Love how Papa Bear came home today after church and made one of the best lunches EVER!

My 7Sunday love' about you?