Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Love...

I'm so looking forward to church today...just seeing everyone, visiting, drinking coffee from our "new" espresso cafe, & worshiping God. How much better can you get? Not much, I think...

1. I love going to watch the first pro game EVER! And we kicked butt...thanks Papa Bear for asking me to go with you!

2. I love my Starbucks insulated cup with the red & white stripped straw...I take it everywhere with me.

3. I love visiting with my Nanny...even though I'm not getting anything else done, I'm enjoying the time I have with her.

4. I love roast beef Subway sandwiches...they are low in Weight Watcher points and tasty, too!

5. I love that I got all my hats and purses posted on Facebook. (Now I just need to get them in my Etsy shop!)

6. I love watching all the kids I know grow up into beautiful young people.

7. I (secretly) love that it may snow this week...that means the kiddos get to stay home with me!

Papa Bear really HATES the seriously stresses him to the brink, so I have to keep my wishes on the downlow...sssssssh!

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