Monday, December 22, 2008

Come on in...

I visited a blog today ,not that I do that often or anything :) and she had the funnest way of sharing her home during the holiday season with her blog buddies...thank you Brassy Apple! Pull up a chair, maybe a coffee, and come on in...

Lastly, the greatest of these...the reason for the season...the birth of Jesus Christ my savior!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas List Busy

O.K. ladies...where are we all with our Christmas Lists? Are you spending your time wisely? How about marking off those gifts from the wish list? Does your list include specially crafted and handmade gifts for the wonderful people in your lives? I hope so because your all blessed with creative, crafty, and inspiring talent! Peanut and Mickey Doodle are getting these fun little wallets the kids and I made from a wonderful tutorial by sew liberated. What a great girlfriend at tres birds gave the tutorial a whirl and her wallets turned out too cute! That quick...wham-bam...I knew what my niece and nephew in Cali needed in their Christmas presents...neat, fun, cute recycled magazine wallets. I mean how perfect for a Spiderman fan or a little girl who can't get enough pink? Thanks Ambo :)

Of course you can't ever go wrong with coffee cozies, especially for all the people around me who love coffee! Christmas themed coffee cozies with a couple of buttons and rick rack to hold pre-paid coffee cards...brilliant! They're so great for stocking stuffers, don't ya think?

Here's two little children's aprons I made for Little Bit and special request from their Mom. I think they turned out quite nice. I love, love, love the mushroom fabric. I hope Mom likes it too. It's fits Little Bit to a "T". Not too girly, but still cute. For brother, Mickey Doodle, I used camp out fabric...he loves to camp with his dad. Here they are:

Soooo...hurry up! Get busy, you only have 8 days left! Merry Christmas girls!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas List

We're counting down the days...the Watts crew is giddy with anticipation! Christmas is almost here! I'm through with Christmas parties...bunco, church, and so on... now it's time to enjoy the next couple of weeks with my kiddos. Of course I've squeezed in sew-time (I couldn't make it through the season with out it) filling my etsy shop with lots of goodies. Aprons and bags mostly, I'm hoping to get some Christmas cozies and pin cushions added this week. Take a gander at my handy work...

The last few days the kids and I worked on a project for the Ladies Vintage Christmas, Bubby came up with the idea...magazine Christmas trees. At first I was a little hesitant, it sounded a little too cheezy, but in the end they turned out really cute. Here's what we ended up with:

Our Christmas Tree:

This week I'll be working on teachers gifts and special orders. Here's a sneak peak of the teacher's fabric...

I'm hoping that this week we make our trip down to Bellevue Square Snowflake Lane. Last year I took the kids and it was so much fun...especially listening to the drummers. How awesome would that be? To stand in front of thousands of people and play beautiful music? Anyhow, this Friday seems like the perfect time...I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Have a very merry Christmas week...

Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving at the Watts' home was very different this year. Good, but new in a way. Usually we spend it with lots of family members, over at Bubby & Poppy's house. Instead, Bubby & Poppy traveled to Cali to spend it with the Brothers. A little jealous...yes, I admit it, I was a smidge whiny, but happy for the brothers to have mom and dad for the holiday. The four J's tried everything in the book to keep Bub & Pop home, the guilt trip just didn't work. That brings us to Thanksgiving day. It was very easy-peasy, the girls wanted to get all gussied up, and I decided to go with comfort. All in all, the Watts crew had a fun time cooking together and sitting down to enjoy our delicious meal. Of course we went around the table and expressed what we were truly thankful for. Eachother, health, our great Thanksgiving dinner, and all the rest of our great family. My sweet husband said he was most thankful for me...I just love that guy so much, he really knows how to compliment a girl :) The change in our traditional Thanksgiving holiday didn't really hurt all that bad...(well, not as bad as I imagined it would!) Here's a little shot of the holiday table all ready for digg'n in!

Moving on...

Christmas! My favorite time of year...I just can't help myself! It's Jesus' birthday...the greatest gift of all, and I'm so happy it was given to me. The feeling in the air, generous giving spirits, the beautiful decorations, heavenly food, shopping great bargains, reading letters to santa, sewing-sewing-sewing, cutting down our Christmas tree, obviousley I could go on and on...but I won't, I know the six of you that actually read my blog already know what I'm talking about :)
To kick off my Christmas List, here are snapshots the Watts crew and our friends making our annual trip to the hills for our Christmas trees. It was so cold, but oh-so-much fun! Thanks to the "M" family, we had a great little campfire to warm up our cold bones after tracking down the perfect tree. Great fun sledding, drinking hot chocolate, and sharing our picnic lunches...Christmas memories are made from occasions like these:

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Just wanted to introduce a new member of our family...most of you who read my blog will be a bit surprised. I'm still in shock...and wondering what was I thinking? Anyhow the rest of the family is in seventh-heaven. She was a birthday present for Mae. She's wanted a puppy for 3 years now, I finally caved. I couldn't fight the battle any longer! I have to admit, she's pretty darn cute. Her personality is great, too...the problem is training a puppy to go to the bathroom outside is way too much work. I really don't have the patience, and frankly the person who does have the patience leaves to go to work every morning. So I'm pretty much the one left holding the bag. O.K....I've moaned & groaned long is Charlotte:

Monday, November 3, 2008


Not much of a Halloween girl...Christmas is my time to shine! Still, I thought I would share some of our family fun...