Monday, November 29, 2010

Wish List

It's that time again...making a list & check'n it twice, all that jazz. The kiddos have presented their Christmas lists, all I can say is: OUT OF CONTROL!!! They have lost their minds...I'm hoping to help them regain their sanity, maybe just bring them back to reality a tad. (If possible?)

Along those thoughts...wondering where they got those insane wish's just a few things that I would like Santa to put under the tree for lil' ol me :)

1. MacBook Pro, 3 very close friends have went Mac and the word never go back! I'm READY to go Mac!
2. Dansko boots: Penelope...I think they would look fabulous on my feet...just say'n

3. I'm not much into Ed Hardy...but when I got a whiff of this perfume...instantly in Love!

4. This sweater from Anthro would keep me oh so toasty & warm, not to mention most stylish...

5. If Santa is feeling would be nice to have the option of coat or sweater, right? I've been spying this beauty:

6. I don't have one of these...yet, I'm thinking a stocking stuffer?

7. I love music...this would be my pick, Youth Novels by Lykke Li

8. Don't judge...I can't help it, I'm obsessed

9. This book looks great...hope I find it under the tree :)

10. This fabric, Nest by Valori Wells in Autumn would be a dream...

Keep in mind this is just my WISH list...that's what I keep telling the 4J's anyhow. It's all about the dreaming right, not always getting! Merry (early) Christmas ladies...God bless you and your families!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Widow

FedEx Logo
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As Thanksgiving rolls around, I become a Christmas widow...yet I'm thankful for FedEx. Yes, it's been a struggle at times, in the last 15 years watching my husband climb the cooperate ladder, but rewarding too. He's become a strong leader, intelligent decision maker, and a definite problem solver. He's dedicated to his family, which has made him a loyal employee to FedEx. God blessed him with amazing character traits such as honesty and integrity, as well as perseverance. I am proud to be his wife...

Thank you God for my husband, his work ethic, and the amazing company that he works for.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Today is just one of those days...yet, I'm still thankful. My youngest, well, she's hard to describe. School is not her thing, she would rather stay home all day, every day. She will do all the reading, writing, numbers that I ask her to, but leave...go to school, now that's a different story. This year has been better, it's getting easier on her, she has a great teacher, great friends, not to mention she's growing up a little. However, today was a substitute teacher day, and it was a famous MELTDOWN MONDAY. So...choosing to pick my battles, I let her stay home. It's ok, if it's only once in a while, right? It's been nice...just me and her. Cuddling on the couch, watching Christmas movies...drinking coffee/hot chocolate. It started to snow around noon, she wanted to play a little so she threw on her rain boots, sweats and headed out the door. I love her...she's my "odd little duck" as we call her and I thank God he blessed our family with her...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something new

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I was introduced to a new drink yesterday...Chai Apple Cider! It was so good...sweet, spicy, tangy, and hot...I never new what I was missing out on. I can only do a's pretty intense, but oh so worth it. Thanks Ashley for the introduction. I will be ordering a Chaider more often!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Random List

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Too bad, here goes...I'm going to give you a random list of things about me:

1. My parents married when I was three...for the first two years of life with my Dad, I called him Richard...I wouldn't call him "dad".

2. Dr. Pepper and Doritos are my absolute favorite junk food.

3. I'm really not an animal person AT ALL...not that I'm mean to them or anything, I just don't like them all that much (and I own a Maltese/Pomeranian mix, go figure)

4. The older I get, the harder it is for me to eat other people's cooking...why is that?

5. I struggle with my weight, eating right, and exercise.

6. I really WANT to be artistic, but I don't think I am.

7. I can honestly tell you that I truly feel like my husband and I have a "One of a Kind Love".

8. Never, NEVER did I plan on having kids...and I now have 4 at age 36.

9. Listening to Led Zeppelin really puts me in the mood...

10. If I could, I would higher a personal shopper because I have no idea how to dress myself.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


WOW!...Double WOW, can you believe it Amber...I blogged twice in row!!! What got into me, yeah...well...this did. Had to share it with you (my one and only reader). I thought it was fantastic and it made me feel the youth inside me again, if only for a day...but that's what life's all about, right? Seizing the moment, and letting everything just be what it is...

Even though I'm older, settled, and a bit routine...I hope I never lose that bit of magic and wonder inside of me. Don't let life drain it out of you, it will you know...if you let it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Right around the corner

Vintage Christmas
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Can you believe Christmas (MY VERY FAVORITE!) is right around the corner? I keep thinking about it and it just makes me giddy with anticipation! I feel like the love of Christ and for Christ deepens around the time of year that we celebrate his birth, which in turn, flows out of me. Well...that is my hope and prayer anyway. I'm especially excited this year, because my family is doing some different (special) things for Christmas this year. Can't wait to share with you what it is, but I am going to hold off until it actually happens. Yep, I am going to keep this your wondering, huh? Don't be irritated with me, just think of it as having to wait until Christmas to open your present.

I've been a busy lady lately (when am I not?) and a sweet (newish) friend of mine has decided to step in and work along side me with Dicey Jane Threads. She and her family moved into our neighborhood last February or March...can't remember. Anyhow, we met each other at the bus stop and we've been friends ever since. What I found out eventually is she LOVES to sew, too! How cool is that? So, not only do we each have a GANG of kids...we both love to create things! So, I should say WE'VE been busy, sewing and creating. We've done a couple of Holiday Bazaar's and it's been a blast just being out together and meeting new people! Here's a little snapshot of me and my new partner in's not a great shot, but I new we would be great friends when she told me how she was obsessed with Twilight, JUST LIKE ME!!!! That's where we are in this photo...standing outside in the cold, waiting to go see Eclipse!

We're keeping our fingers crossed that we can get some of our new stuff entered into the Etsy shop, but it hasn't happened yet, hopefully in the next week or two you can check in and find some super cute things!

I came across the vintage photo up above on Flickr and it was a perfect description of all my Christmas love...enjoy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Listen up...this is going to be a different, imperfect kind of blog post. I've been visiting this blog...reading it, digesting it...and it's making me a BIG way. I get so tired of trying to be things I'm not (I know I've said all this before, sorry) but for some reason reading this blog has turned a light bulb on in my head. Not that this girl is so insightful, or deep...just that she is so REAL that it makes me want to be real like that. Real in everything I do, from my blogging all the way to my faith and what I believe. This young girl is allowing God to shine through her, and in turn, God is shining through to me. He's been speaking to me, not in a "Bruce Almighty" kind of way, but in a quiet, spiritual kind of way. I cannot, MUST not take this life for granite. It's a gift, my children, my husband, all the blessings that surround me is to be cherished and enjoyed. I don't want to sit back anymore thinking of all the things that could be or should be, why isn't it or why is it...I just want to be content in the knowledge that my significance is in Christ, he created me, knows who I am, and LOVES me in spite of everything. With all that being said...I revel in the fact that he has given me a passion and love of sewing that I like to share here on my blog. It's a creative outlet for me always...and I hope to continue to try and post about it here on my blog. Lately I haven't shared much, not because I haven't been busy, just because I rarely take the time to photograph anything, and it seems like such a hassle when that really is the last thing I want to be doing. I will try and share a few of my latest projects with you soon! One last little note...I guess the reason I titled this post as imperfect is I didn't re-read everything, check punctuation, or use descriptive words. I didn't take 2 hours to write it...I didn't stress out over a photo to post...I just sat down and wrote what was in my heart. So that will be it...words from my heart, my life...nothing fancy or perfect.