Thursday, November 4, 2010


Listen up...this is going to be a different, imperfect kind of blog post. I've been visiting this blog...reading it, digesting it...and it's making me a BIG way. I get so tired of trying to be things I'm not (I know I've said all this before, sorry) but for some reason reading this blog has turned a light bulb on in my head. Not that this girl is so insightful, or deep...just that she is so REAL that it makes me want to be real like that. Real in everything I do, from my blogging all the way to my faith and what I believe. This young girl is allowing God to shine through her, and in turn, God is shining through to me. He's been speaking to me, not in a "Bruce Almighty" kind of way, but in a quiet, spiritual kind of way. I cannot, MUST not take this life for granite. It's a gift, my children, my husband, all the blessings that surround me is to be cherished and enjoyed. I don't want to sit back anymore thinking of all the things that could be or should be, why isn't it or why is it...I just want to be content in the knowledge that my significance is in Christ, he created me, knows who I am, and LOVES me in spite of everything. With all that being said...I revel in the fact that he has given me a passion and love of sewing that I like to share here on my blog. It's a creative outlet for me always...and I hope to continue to try and post about it here on my blog. Lately I haven't shared much, not because I haven't been busy, just because I rarely take the time to photograph anything, and it seems like such a hassle when that really is the last thing I want to be doing. I will try and share a few of my latest projects with you soon! One last little note...I guess the reason I titled this post as imperfect is I didn't re-read everything, check punctuation, or use descriptive words. I didn't take 2 hours to write it...I didn't stress out over a photo to post...I just sat down and wrote what was in my heart. So that will be it...words from my heart, my life...nothing fancy or perfect.

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Amber Rose said...

Go girl!! Yay for your imperfect self! Besides, if you were perfect I soo would NOT hang out with you:)