Friday, September 26, 2008

Forever Fall

I wish...well I guess I may get tired of it, but nah...I don't think so. It's so peaceful, like everything is slowly getting ready to sleep. The leaves changing from lively green to a dusty yellow, then a rusty orange and lastly a beautiful fiery red. Not to brag or anything, but living in the Pacific Northwest is the ultimate Autumn lovers paradise! ( I haven't had the pleasure of visiting other noteworthy awesome Autumn states...maybe one day Maine or Vermont would be fun ) Those are on the places I want to visit "Wish List".

Back to fall...I love waking up to crisp morning air, drinking hot coffee, and whizzing the kiddos off to school. Usually when I'm driving in the early morning I look out over the crowd of changing colors and say to myself "I still can't believe I live here...", my life 6 years ago was in Cali, I never thought my dreams of moving here would ever come true, not to mention planting roots, and settling in. It was something I prayed for daily (I think) for 3 years. Don't get discouraged when God doesn't answer your prayers...he does, maybe not in our time frame, but I'm living proof he hears us and if it's in his will, he'll make it happen! Thank you Lord for bringing my family to the most beautiful place I've ever seen! I can't imagine living anywhere else.

One more thing about the fall, three of my "J's" were born in October :-) So it's extremely busy, but oh so much fun...planning parties, picking out pumpkins, coming up with clever costume ideas, decorating the house with all my fall attire, crafting for Christmas gifts (etsy store, too!), and convincing family that we should all be together for the holidays and it's their turn to come visit us in beautiful Washington, right? Here's to you Washington and your gorgeous fall season...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is for my favorite Conversation Queen! These are the best years...lets focus on our sweeties for a bit...isn't this a cute little piece of art? Maybe I can talk Mae into being a vintage clown for Halloween this year...only problem is she'd try and barter for the puppies, too. I have enough guilt when it comes to me & pets. That's a whole different post...don't get me wrong, I like animals, they're so sweet & cuddly, but I have 4 lil' monkeys I take care of 'round the clock. I don't think I could handle another commitment. would be Mom taking care of the newly acquired puppy (if I said yes, which I'm not). Enough guilt, moving Stacy, this one's for you, hope you like it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I love the fall!!! Isn't it just the best time of year? Everyone is gearing up for the pumpkin patch, taking walks gazing at the beautiful changing leaves, and counting down the days until Thanksgiving! Can't forget the kiddos...dressing up in outrageous costumes, going from house to house, and then digging through the mess of sugary little wonderfuls. Ahhhh...I'm ready...thank you God for Autumn!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

24/10 Prayer

Sorry La~Te~Da, I had to barrow this one from you...I couldn't help it. Sarah Palin is not only a woman I admire, but I've caught the vibe...I feel like I can do anything right now! (through Christ, obviously, who strengthens me) We've had 24 hours a day of prayer for 10 days at church and all I can tell you is, "WOW!" Our God is good and faithful! He's amazing...especially when you really spend time with him and focus on him. I know he's doing wonderful things in our community, as well as in our church!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Slowing down a bit

Things are finally starting to settle down (for how long...who knows) but today I sat down and took a deep breath. Thank you God for bringing peace...I soooo needed it. This is not my official back in the saddle blog, but I'm getting there. I wanted to share with fellow bloggers that Polka Dot Cottage is kicking off the Fall...Yipee...I LOVE Autumn, it's my favorite season! I can't wait to snapping shots of leaves and all that fally stuff. So gals go check it out...take care, and I'll be back on Monday.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Soul food

Hello blogger buddies! It's been some time since I've posted, but with very good reason. We've had lots of changes around the Watts castle, and hasn't been an easy transition for us. We had some firsts this past week...
Jacks 1st day of Middle School

Jaycee Mae's 1st day of Kindergarten

Last, but not least Pink's 1st day in 4th grade

Being a stay-at-home mom, raising 4 kids is quite a job. I've had all the ups & downs, as most SAH moms do, but I so vividly remember Jaycee being my last little chick in the nest...thinking to myself...when she starts kindergarten I'll finally get "mom time"...finally do something for me...finally do whatever I want! didn't happen, it hasn't happened, I don't think it will. Why you ask? I believe it's simply because I've been doing what I wanted to do for 14, almost 15 years now... being a mother. I'm doing what God created me to do. Profound, no...not really, just a simple but wonderful calling that I am blessed to be able to live out. Honestly, God has revealed many things to me over the past month, and I've never been happier. My life isn't perfect by no means, but is it fulfilled...yes, is it blessed...abundantly, is it following Gods plan...I sure hope so! Being at the center of my family has been feeding me...all this time, nourishing my soul. Wow, can you believe it? I'm quickly realizing God knew what he was doing with my life all along, how about that? Funny how something ordinary, like sending your baby off to school, would open up a new chapter in your life, but it has. I thank God for the change, because life's too short to doddle around thinking poor me, what am I going to do...all I am is a mother. A mother, today I look at that and think... praise God for allowing me to become a mother, I couldn't ask for anything better! I wouldn't trade places with anyone, (o.k...maybe with a millionaire, but only because after a day or two with the "J" crew, they'd be begging me to trade back!)

P.S. Can't leave out the first born...I'd never hear the end of it...

The oldest of the "J" crew

Monday, September 1, 2008

Whirlwind trips

Just a quick little hello...we've been vacationing with family in Cali! Let me tell's been something else. The weather has been a sweltering 106 degrees and I'm lonesome for my Washington weather! It won't be long and I'll be back on the road to an easy breezy climate. I've had a great visit with the family and it makes me realize how important each and everyone of them are to me. I'm desperately missing my nieces and nephew growing up, I don't know if it's worth living apart anymore. These big life questions are hard to answer...but that's why we have prayer, right? As a matter of fact I have a pretty big prayer list in the making right now. So, I have a request for all you prayer warriors out there...where is God leading our family right now? We need guidance and confirmation for our family's path. Also my Papa (grandpa) is very ill. He 's had many health issues this year and I believe with all my heart he's ready to go home with the Lord. He's tired of living in his old body and often times when visiting with him this week I hear a yearning in his voice when he talks about heaven. Of course I'm not ready to live without him...he's had the most spiritual influence in my life other than my husband. I thank God he's my papa, and I've been blessed to have ever known him. I can't wait for the day that he gets to meet Jesus...I can't help but be excited for him. So...if it crosses your mind ever, just send up a little prayer for our family, we need it. Thanks so much blogger gals...I know I can count on you!