Saturday, September 20, 2008

24/10 Prayer

Sorry La~Te~Da, I had to barrow this one from you...I couldn't help it. Sarah Palin is not only a woman I admire, but I've caught the vibe...I feel like I can do anything right now! (through Christ, obviously, who strengthens me) We've had 24 hours a day of prayer for 10 days at church and all I can tell you is, "WOW!" Our God is good and faithful! He's amazing...especially when you really spend time with him and focus on him. I know he's doing wonderful things in our community, as well as in our church!


Anonymous said...

So good to hear about the 24/10 prayer. You're right 'we can do it'. Have a great Sunday

Lateda said...

isnt this picture just fabulous! I just loved it!
Glad to hear that the Lord is doing some good work! Lets get TOGETHER!

Conversation Queen said...

It was so good to see you at the pole this morning, We had about 40 kids participate again this week! How amazing is that. I to hope that we keep the prayer room, Katelyn and I prayed from 6 to 7 this morning just before "see you at the pole" it was awesome! Amazing things are going to happen in our school communities in result of all those kids praying this morning, I can feel it!