Friday, September 26, 2008

Forever Fall

I wish...well I guess I may get tired of it, but nah...I don't think so. It's so peaceful, like everything is slowly getting ready to sleep. The leaves changing from lively green to a dusty yellow, then a rusty orange and lastly a beautiful fiery red. Not to brag or anything, but living in the Pacific Northwest is the ultimate Autumn lovers paradise! ( I haven't had the pleasure of visiting other noteworthy awesome Autumn states...maybe one day Maine or Vermont would be fun ) Those are on the places I want to visit "Wish List".

Back to fall...I love waking up to crisp morning air, drinking hot coffee, and whizzing the kiddos off to school. Usually when I'm driving in the early morning I look out over the crowd of changing colors and say to myself "I still can't believe I live here...", my life 6 years ago was in Cali, I never thought my dreams of moving here would ever come true, not to mention planting roots, and settling in. It was something I prayed for daily (I think) for 3 years. Don't get discouraged when God doesn't answer your prayers...he does, maybe not in our time frame, but I'm living proof he hears us and if it's in his will, he'll make it happen! Thank you Lord for bringing my family to the most beautiful place I've ever seen! I can't imagine living anywhere else.

One more thing about the fall, three of my "J's" were born in October :-) So it's extremely busy, but oh so much fun...planning parties, picking out pumpkins, coming up with clever costume ideas, decorating the house with all my fall attire, crafting for Christmas gifts (etsy store, too!), and convincing family that we should all be together for the holidays and it's their turn to come visit us in beautiful Washington, right? Here's to you Washington and your gorgeous fall season...

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Anonymous said...

You're right, we are so very blessed to live in such a beautiful state. God is so creative with His handiwork.