Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just a little love...

So here's a little tote I finished. I'm going to have a LOT of these up for sale in my Etsy shop. Isn't it so retro? I think I'm in Love...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grandma Martha and football...

We've been busy here at home...gearing up for FOOTBALL! That's right, it's Pirate fever around our house. Lots of practicing, coaching, and more practicing. My guys seem to think this is going to be the Pirate's "winning year"...admittingly I feel the same :-) What's going to make the season even more exciting for Mom is I'll have my good friend Conversation Queen sitting right beside me cheering our boys on! I can't a week or so we'll be heading down to the Jamboree, the official kick off to the football year! GO PIRATES!!

Happy birthday Grandma Martha! My friend Conversation Queen is celebrating her grandma's 89th birthday today! She asked me to make her a cute little basket liner for her scooter. Of course I said yes without thinking too much about it. Well...let me tell you, that was probably one of the most time consuming, difficult projects I've taken on. Why you ask? (some of you will laugh at this) I'm very illiterate when following patterns. I truly just modge podge my way through things...and for some odd reason I could not get the pattern to this liner to sink into my head! I sat and sat and sat...pondering, thinking, debating...and still I didn't get it. After 5 hours of trying, it finally came to me! The light bulb flickered on and shazzammm...I knew what to do! I was on the road to somewhere...30 minutes later this is what transpired...

Enjoy your pretty, lil' watermelon basket liner Martha...and a Happy Birthday to you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 years and counting...

So here we are...12 years later. My awesome husband whisked me away for our anniversary... no kids, no busy schedules, and no time restraints! It was bliss! By complete surprise...he called me, told me to get an overnight bag packed and a change of clothes for the kids, they were going to stay w/ friends. Be ready in 1 hour! I was so excited...I quickly put a bag together, showered, and organized the kiddos. Then I waited in giddy anticipation! Our final destination was Leavenworth, WA. A beautiful little touristy town...not too far away. We had a cute little room, had a wonderful dinner, and enjoyed each others company with no distractions (well, a little distraction when we talked to Mae for a minute or two...she was a little gloomy, missing Mom & Dad) She cheered up once she gabbed w/ us for a minute...and our dinner continued in dreamy conversation and fanciful planning...
I have to tell you a little about my honey. He is one of the most amazing blessings in my life! He truly is my better half. He's the patient one, the teacher, the rock, the encourager, the kind hearted, the compassionate, the listener, and my best friend. My life would be incomplete without him. There's so many things I love about him...but I wouldn't be able to list them all here. I will however, share my top 20 things I love about Andy:
1. He loves Jesus Christ with all his heart.
2. He never complains about work (to me).
3. He writes me little notes, on whatever's handy, and leaves them for me :-)
4. He always tells me he loves me when we hang up the phone.
5. He cares about my feelings, and he's always the first to say I'm sorry.
6. He irons my clothes for me...
7. He takes care of our lawn, house, and flowers...
8. It's really hard for him to say "no" when I ask for something.
9. He's the best dad in the world!
10. He cares about how he looks...especially for me :-)
11. He puts gas in my car when it's on "E".
12. Out of the blue, he brings me little gifts.
13. He rubs my neck, and shoulders when I have a bad headache.
14. He surprises me when I least expect it!
15. He knows my favorite candy bar :-)
16. He surprises me with coffee!!!
17. He loves my family (the in-laws)
18. He calls me everyday when he leaves work.
19. He doesn't complain when I don't cook (which is often)
20. He encourages me to follow my dream
Hope you enjoyed hearing me ramble on about my hubby...sometimes all we hear about are the jerks and rotten husbands out there. I wanted to give a little love to all the wonderful guys that support us, put up with us, and love us! I love you Andy...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here it comes...

God's Big Backyard! Vacation Bible School Rocks...

Just for you girlie...! Yes, I know it's been too long, but geeeeez...I've been VBSing! You know you like that word La Te Da, Ha! Just for you :-) Anyhow...the week went by in a whirl. It was super fun, but super exhausting. "God's Big Backyard" had over 60 kids in attendance! The crafts were SUPER cool! (Of course, I was in charge of crafts for the week, LOL!) I can't forget to give a shout out to my girls who helped me out...I will forever be in your debt, Stacy my # 1 right-hand gal. She wasn't able to be there (she had to work, sniff...) but she totally helped out before hand and behind the scenes. I also had 3 other awesome gals...M.M. C.T. & chicks rock! We had such a blast, but I have to admit I'm ready for a break...maybe a staycation of some sort. Moving on...

I did however, get a few little projects started and, low and behold, finished all while crafting my little heart away at VBS 5 days in a row! 3 purses & 2 aprons. I did consider napping when I wasn't setting up, shopping for, or tearing down crafts for VBS, but my little sewing machine continued to softly hum..."come sew, oh please come sew"...and so I did :-) They are all beauties, I'm very proud to say. Only one will get added to my shop, for the others already have homes.

A couple of my "J's" will be heading off to Cali w/ Bubby & Poppy to visit all the I will be tirelessly creating, designing, and sewing...I'm stoked! I already have the know that feeling of anticipation, knowing something great is going to happen. It's a wonderful know you found the "it" thing! Thank-you crafty-bloggers...for all your inspiration! Thank-you gf's who encourage, and thank-you to my 4 "J's" are my world, and without you my crafty hobbies would be worthless, I guess I would pretty much be worthless, LOL!

Aprons and addiction