Monday, April 27, 2009

Through the Valley...

Is anyone here right now? Have you been lately? If not...praise God, you need to stand firm and fight the battle for the rest of us that have been captured in the valley. I'm battling through a valley right now, God is with me, but I'm still afraid. I'm facing the fear, everyday through prayer and patience, persistence and faithfulness. Just know that your sister in Christ is fighting a battle, a spiritual battle. The enemy is on a warpath, but he won't win...I won't let him. This valley, is dark and desolate...I don't know why I'm here, or really how I wound up here...but I'm stumbling, clawing, waging through it. For the past few days the Lord has had to carry me, literally. I had little interest in anything other than sleeping, but he said nope...not gonna happen. My heart has been heavy laden. Lots of stirrings in my soul has crept to the surface. There is a reason for this season, but frankly this is one crappy season I'd just as soon skip and pass it on by. The Lord has other plans for me, this I know in my heart. He has bigger plans for Andy and I both. Things we had never dreamed of, and as the saying goes one foot in front of the other... there are issues God needs to get resolved and tidy ed up a bit. As the weekend continued on, I kept busy, (thanks Amber, Trish, & Mom) I trudged forward, whether being carried, limping, or slow stepp'n I will see the end...I will see the other side...He will guide me through, and never leave me. All you who put your hope in the Lord be strong and brave ~Psalm 31:24

Fight the Fight...get on your knees...keep on, press forward

Thanks ladies for all your prayers, advice, and are beautiful to me...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Lilly Apron

Just a little sewing...had to get my fix while Andy was gone fishing...

I haven't decided yet how I actually like the "appearance" of the apron, considering J "15" told me I looked like I was expecting again. Still, it's very comfortable and it's not tight anywhere, so that's a plus, right? The Lilly apron is a pretty easy pattern to follow and was fun to make. I'm positive I'll make it again with a few minor adjustments here and there. I've missed sewing seeewww much lately I had to just sit down and make myself do it. Not because I didn't want to, only because I had so many other things that needed to be done first. Sometimes, I need to stop and remember what keeps my gas tank full (not that Jesus doesn't do that fully) but I still need to keep my creative wheels turning. Sewing is a passion for me...right along with Jesus my best friend. He planted a joy in my heart for creating and sewing and when I deprive myself from it, I tend to become a little melancholy, short tempered, sometimes even resentful. So today I thank you God for allowing me to create this cute little apron to wear around my home while I do your business of attending my family...oh, and yes...I will do it with a smile on my face along with style and grace! Have a great week girlfriends!

I almost forgot...some awesome garage sale finds this weekend...fabric, of course

P.S. I forgot to add this too...head on over to Southern Hospitality and share your great finds

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Movie Must See

Ladies, have to see Faith like Potatoes. It was sooo good! Last night we had movie night with some friends and I decided to pick Faith like Potatoes. I'm not sure how they felt about it, but I thought it was AWESOME! I'm not going to give anything away except that it's filmed in Greytown, KwaZulu Natal South Africa (I have a feeling Tres Birds will really enjoy it!) Rent it, watch it, and let me know how you all felt about it...I'm interested in how you all feel about until then...happy movie watching!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Celebrations

Happy Easter everyone...hope your Sunday was as blessed as mine! Thank you God for allowing your son Jesus to carry our sins to the cross. He died for you and me so that we may spend eternal life with him...what a miracle Easter is! Yes he died, but he rose again, what a day to celebrate!