Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is for my favorite Conversation Queen! These are the best years...lets focus on our sweeties for a bit...isn't this a cute little piece of art? Maybe I can talk Mae into being a vintage clown for Halloween this year...only problem is she'd try and barter for the puppies, too. I have enough guilt when it comes to me & pets. That's a whole different post...don't get me wrong, I like animals, they're so sweet & cuddly, but I have 4 lil' monkeys I take care of 'round the clock. I don't think I could handle another commitment. would be Mom taking care of the newly acquired puppy (if I said yes, which I'm not). Enough guilt, moving Stacy, this one's for you, hope you like it!


Conversation Queen said...

I love it, she would be cutest clown ever! I have to tell you about my puppy week, I am ready to swear off pets forever!

Wendy Girl said...

That little clown outfit is so cute. You could whip it out in a second. You should do it. She would be so cute in it.