Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Love...

Today I love the people around me. For sure, God has blessed me with amazing, kind, understanding, caring people...and I love them. Truly

Papa Bear, the 4 "J's", my neighbor, my fellow sister in Christ, they made my day just when I thought it was a goner.

1. I Love Lentil's so tasty :)

2.I LOVE that "J" 1 isn't embarrassed to kiss his mama in front of people, even though he's 17yrs old now :D

3. I Love that "J" 3 wanted me to watch her new "favorite" show with her...came downstairs three times asking me to hurry, I want to sit with you and watch it!!!

4. I Love that Bubby & Poppy are coming home soon and bringing Nanny with them :D

5. I Love the book "J" 1 and "J"2 gave me at Christmas...I finished it!

6. I Love what Pastor Sean preached on today...are you going to straddle the bar & play it safe or balance, trust and step out in faith?

7. I Love how Papa Bear came home today after church and made one of the best lunches EVER!

My 7Sunday love' about you?

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Amber Rose said...

I LOVE Sunday! It truly is my very favorite day of the week:) Yay for Sundays! (and blogging too!)