Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Love...

Jeeeeez...I knew I would forget! I completely spaced out last Sunday and didn't post my Sunday Loves, that's a super big bummer because this Sunday...I'm not feel'n much love at all. I know, what a drag, but that's reality :( Here's a few things that I've managed to scrape up...things I couldn't live without...

1. My glitter eyeliner by Urban Decay...I seriously could not live without it. EVERYTIME I wear it, I get compliments.

2. Our new Espresso bar at church, I get an awesome drink EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY!

3. The library...when I'm feel'n "oh-so-blah" I scoot right on down to the library and find me some good reads, that always brightens my day!

4. My hands, and fingernails. There's not much about myself that I can compliment on, but I do have nice hands.

5. I love that no matter how much of a grump I am today, Papa Bear has still managed to kiss and hug on me.

6. I finished a project in just a couple of hours, using Papa Bear's old sweater he was donating to the Goodwill. ( cute little shoulder sling )

7. I love that tomorrow is a new day...

How about you, love anything today???

1 comment:

Amber Rose said...

I don't think I could even picture you WITHOUT your sparkle eye-liner!!