Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Frenchy Flair

I made this beautiful purse for the best Mom in the world (of course that would be my Mom)! She giggled with glee as I handed it over to her. I had told her this particular bag (because of the rich fabric) would be heading over to a store that I'm consigning purses at. I think she possibly was feeling a tad bit neglected due to the fact I had not made her a purse yet. Honestly, I really didn't think she would like carrying a cloth purse, boy was I wrong! She was very happy with it and she's been "showing it off" to everyone she meets :-) Mom's are the greatest, aren't they? Talk about my biggest fan, besides my husband, she's my biggest supporter and partner. She's the one I go to when I run into irritating little probs, when I need to bounce ideas off someone, when I need advice with a particular project (not mention life advice), when I can't quite figure something out, and pretty much everything in between. God certainly blessed me with an incredibly smart, talented, fun, beautiful, accepting, accomplished, loving, encouraging, kind, honest mother. She means the world to me... love you Mom...enjoy your Frenchy Flair purse!


Anonymous said...

Go MOMS! I have a great one too. I love the fabric in that bag. I'm doing a new line of French-inspired charms. They are so fun. Hey, that reminds me I should post some pics. Have a good one!

Wendy Girl said...

Oh.I am imagining that bag hanging on your moms arm. She has that big smile on. And she is ranting and raving to all the girls at work about your sewing...
Your mom is super cool..
No wonder you are the way you are (amazing).
Happy Early 4th to you too!!!

Lateda said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it! :) Bubby deserves that GREAT gift! She is a GEM!

Amber Rose said...

Ok girl..it's time to blog again..get going!!!:)