Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Receiving End...'s the Swappy gift I IS SO AWESOME! My partner completely out-did herself! (I'm sooo glad she was my partner...not to rub it in or anything :) I just can't help myself.
First, a b-e-a-utiful bouquet of flowers made out of pattern paper! How cute is that? She's so crafty that La~Te~Da, her brain is always on overdrive :)
Next, a sweet journal with an old tape measure and the phrase "Sew Happy Together"...for all those days I can't stop thinking of Big Daddy, I can journal my little heart away!

Also, a sweet little candle with a pretty little birdie and 2 pieces of GORGEOUS fabric. Believe me, I already have a pattern picked out to create something incredible with it.
A fun little paper sign to hang the door to my sewing room "Sew Busy" or "Not Sew Busy" you wish you came up with this collage of cuteness, I know I do :)
Lastly, and something I'm very partial to...a charm necklace that has a snapshot of trailers on it along with the phrase "Mess with me, you mess with the WHOLE trailer park"! You gotta love that, especially when it's sooo true considering my family back in Cali. I grew up in trailers, we all did. They would be so proud to wear this badge of honor...just like me!

Thanks know I love it ALL! So, any of you ladies out there that just happen by my blog, go check out La~Te~Da...she does amazing stuff. Plus she's going to be at three shows this summer, so stay tuned :)


Kasey said...

how fun! i love your little treasures

Anonymous said...

Well, of course Miss Trish completely OUTDID herself. Fun stuff. It looks so great in the pics I can only imagine how much greater it is in real life. Lucky Girl!

Lateda said...

aww thanks for posting some pics... I am SOO glad you like the stuff, although I think I came out better on the deal! I took my bag to the store yesterday and got 3 comments on how CUTE it was!! I need some business cards to hand out when Im toting my bag! :) I could SELL lots!

Amber Rose said...

Is it better to give than to receive?? I guess that depends on who your swap partner is..LOL!!

Timi said...

What a great gift! I saw the flowers at Trish's and fell in love with them. They are fantastic. I immediatley went out and bought stuff to make some with. I haven't yet! I need her to show me.
What a great swap gift!