Monday, September 14, 2009

My Sweet "J" 6

When my kids are in trouble, I get 4 very different reactions. I'm sure you all have received the infamous apology letter...yesterday the WHOLE family received such a letter from the youngest "J". My heart swelled with love and pride as she walked through the house reading it aloud to each of us. For some unknown has now disappeared from my memory...she threw a hum-dinger of a fit! Screaming, yelling, stomping (In her mind, I'm sure she had good reason) but for the rest of the Watts crew, it was unacceptable. Finally, we all decided to tell her exactly how we felt. Simply put, she was being a BRAT ! We were done...and we let her know. Of course she was sent to her room, to think about her attitude, to settle down. Eventually she emerged with this little scrap of paper...

If I may, I will interpret...

Top line: From Jaycee

2nd line: Im S (I'm sorry)

3rd line: I B AO B (I be bad)

4th line: To CAJJJ (To Charity, Andy, Jacob, Jackson, & Jillian)

My girl, my sweet little girl is not much of a speller yet, but she got her point across :) She was very sorry for her temper-tantrum...and we all forgave her, of course! I had to kiss her all over and squeeze her tight for that sweet little note! Lord, I'm not ready for her to grow up...can you please keep her little forever?

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Lateda said...

awww.. so sweet! That girl is such alittle doll..