Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Success!

Yes, oh yes it was a huge success in my book...The Collection, a vintage inspired Flea Market! What an incredible event Timi coordinated...I can honestly say that lady can really throw down a party! She had lots of good help too (one of them being my guy on Parking duty, Sat morning) as well as WSU Laura , Shannon, Michele, Charlene, Jay, and her mom & dad...I'm sure the list could keep going but I'm so new to her circle, I couldn't possibly keep up with all of her friends! Now I know why so many people love this sweet gal, she has an unbelievable ability for connecting people, not only to herself, but each other too. I just can't get over how easy she made it all look. Hats off to you Timi Girl out did yourself!
Defining this weekends success, well that's a great question. Of course, the obvious...making a little $$$ doing something I absolutely love, but more than that...WAY more than that...meeting so many amazing, wonderful, creative, generous, beautiful, intelligent women, and having them invite me into their love affair of JUNK! Not only did I meet wonderful new ladies who snagged up my creations...I was able to visit with some fun gals I'd had the pleasure of meeting on the last Come Junk With Us bus. It was such a whirlwind of seems it was over in a flash, and I can't wait for the next one to come around. Lots of work...yes, a little overwhelmed...YES, was it all worth it...YOU BETCHA!

I had so many ladies helping me out, I can't thank them enough, but as always Bubby went above and beyond. She put her creative mind to work and designed a beautiful little booth for me with whatever was laying around. I'm still amazed by her clever ideas and individual style. Thank you Mom for all you do...those words will never be enough, but I'm positive you know how much I appreciate ALL you do for me! I would not be the woman I am today without your advice, support, encouragement, and most of all the creativity you passed along to me.

Here are some snapshots I took of our little corner. Beautiful hats (Bloom'n Hats) my Nanny crocheted just for the show-
Burlap totes, vintage Buttercup bags, and lots of aprons...
Coffee cozies galore, zipper hair clips & zipper pins. Gorgeous Anna Maria Horner Little Folks voile cotton scarfs made by my sister-in-law Marci-
Pillows, pillows, pillows...burlap, muslin, and toile fabrics...

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