Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My First Blog

Finally...I'm figuring out how to work this darn thing! Wow, talk about unfamiliar...I think I may need some sort of "Blog Education Class"...anyone willing to teach me? I promise I'm a fast learner :-) I didn't realize how to actually post (hee-hee!) , I was adding comments to my photos, thinking I was blogging...o.k. I think I've got some of it figured out, the rest will come sooner or later, right?

Moving many of you blog-ladies out there are so articulate and intellectual, how long does it usually take for us newbies (and not so articulate, etc.) to get comfortable with our own creative blogging? I'm excited about belonging to this new assembly of crafty, creative, and exciting women, but also lacking confidence in sharing my thoughts and ideas. Any words of encouragement? I do realize that I am who I am and I'm comfortable with that, I just want to feel more a little more relaxed with the concept of blogging. I still have to send out a HUGE thank-you to my great friend Amber who introduced me so long ago to this "blog-thing". At first I was a little hesitant, sort of like... this is really weird sharing your life, your thoughts, your family with people I may never meet or truly know. However, over the last year I've become addicted to reading blogs. It has become intriguing to me to hear others' ideas, opinions, advice, and plain ol' babble! I've enjoyed it so much and I feel like some people I know quite well! So much so, I'm giving it a try myself! There's a first time for everything...and here I go...blogging!

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