Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tent Camping and other fun things...

Memorial Day Camp-Out...oh the fun of it! We went with the greatest bunch of friends ever! Even though it did rain on us (our 1st camping venture in the WA rain) it was awesome. Just to back up for a moment, I was a very accomplished camping girl, born and bred in the CA sunshine. I grew up camping, the real way...packing water from down the hill, bathing in the creek, cooking over the campfire, hunting for firewood. When I married my husband we continued the tradition of camping every year. Then we moved to WA and for some reason our camping stopped. I'm not sure why...just life in general, learning a new area, meeting new friends, building new relationships, and so on. 5 1/2 years later, we still had not planned a camping trip! Finally we took our friends up on their offer to camp along with them and realized how much we truly missed it. We've decided to make it a tradition...camping at least twice a summer from now on! In fact we've also decided to disconnect our cable so we can actually have more family time together. Believe it or not, this was my husbands idea! The things we did as a family while camping was so much fun...we want to keep the ball rolling. My youngest "J" had never been camping, this was quite an adventure for her...and we've learned she's a great fisherman. Everyone was in such great spirits, the rain couldn't put a damper on us, no matter what. At least now we know- Camping Out is the life for us!


Amber Rose said...

seriously girl!!! How can I comment on your blog when I don't know you have one!!!:) It looks FAB!! Love your camping pictures (sniff-sniff) LOVE LOVE LOVE your bags!! Charity you ROCK!:)

Lateda said...

I WANT US to go camping!!
lets do it... Maybe in August since every other freakin' weekend is filled up!
Looks and sounds like you had fun.. but disconnecting the cable? what? Should we call a Dr. for Andy! ha!
NICE blogging girl.. Lasttime I checked it was just an empty page!
This is going to be fun.. but you better come on over and comment on mine!!!

Lateda said...

PS. I love the top picture of all them threads and all.. but.. why do I not see some zippers??
HA!(I'm so funny!)

Lateda said...

Go to my blog and check out the Inspired Ideas blog. BUT, then go to the top and click on "featured artists" then go to SHOP Suzy, and she has some AMAZING aprons! U will love them.

Wendy Girl said...

so I let the cat out of the bag..
I had to add you to my page..
Anyway. The camping looks fun.
I really havent enjoyed it for a couple of years now (we got a motor home) But now with gas prices, we will be in a little car with Tents..
Great job on the blog.