Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Labor of Love

Back tracking just a little bit...we had a low-key Valentines Day this year. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just not the stereo-typed, commercialized, typical "Valentines" Day...the one I've become so accustomed to. Yes, I admit ladies I'm the woman who thinks she should get a gift every single Valentines Day, a card, flowers,candy, jewelry...something just because I need another gift (yeah right!) maybe it's that "significance" thing...or maybe it's just that society sets us up for these unrealistic expectations of how marriage, love, and romance in real life is expressed. I'm leaning towards the last one...how about you? I think it's high time I change my expectations! ...But it's really hard, although I debated with myself all weekend long, reasoned, even sort of argued, it still hurt when I felt like Big Daddy didn't take the time to show me that he really appreciated me (sniff, sniff)... I sound like a big baby as I'm reading this back to myself, LOL! By the way, Pastor S. started the whole Big Daddy thing...my guy, as you all know is rather slender in physic, and not too tall in the height department, so it has now stuck- Big Daddy it is-

I, the fabulous wife that I am, did however wake early in wee morning hours on Valentines Day...rouse my sweet adorable daughters to come and bake for their dashingly, dear, father who so unselfishly drove to work on Sat. morning. "Let's go bake Chocolate Cupcakes for Dad and surprise him when he gets home...we can get all dressed up, too..." "Yes, yes...they squealed to each other..." And so the morning began...

Not a very good shot of the finished product, but some chocolaty cupcakes left on the cupcake tree for Big Daddy to enjoy...and he did! Lots of home made cards, made with love and candy hearts to go with...all the labor of Love. Oh yeah...me bragging about being the Fabulous wife earlier...I actually should be hanging my head in shame, I didn't even capture my sweet card and rose from Big Daddy on film...how's that for Fabulous? Pretty Pathetic if we want reality...hope you and yours had a Happy Valentines Day!


Anonymous said...

sweet post and I love your 'labor of love' - and the peak into your kitchen with your sweet girls

Michele said...

Looks like you guys had fun making the cupcakes! My Valentine's day sorta sucked...I don't know how I get stuck with a guy who doesn't believe in romance!


Wendy Girl said...

Too Sweet..
I am sure he was happy as a clam to come home to that.
His sweet girls baking up goodness. It doesnt get better than that.