Friday, February 27, 2009


Re-posting a it allowed? Hope so, cause' I'm doin' it :) I was going back through all my old posts after I gave my blog a lil' face lift and realized in the beginning, yeah...ummm...hmmm...I had no idea what I was doing. O.K. so, I still don't know a lot about what I'm doing, just a tad bit more. I realized what I thought I was posting as a "blog-post" was actually a page element at the bottom of my blog. Not wanting it to sit all lonely down at the underbelly of my creative, adorable, humorous, crafty (your smiling right now, aren't you?) memorable blog, I've decided to correct this horrendous mistake and repost, O.k.? that that's out of the way this bag I made for my cousin Jody. The patchwork purse is a really fun to make. Looking back on it now, I'm seeing it's time to do a little upgrading. I'm sure Jody definitely needs a new purse :) The purse itself, well, it needs some help, too. I'm gonna give it a little pizazz (did I spell that right?) The second bag I made for my Nan. I used Amy Butler fabric, of course who doesn't love Amy Butler fabric, and a round mesh place mat for the bottom. I threw together my own pattern, and in the end I think it turned out very cute and Nan really liked it. Here they are in all their glory.... and first timer mistakes :)


Amber Rose said...

Oh you can totally repost..its your blog do what you like!!!
Great amaze me!

Wendy Girl said...

Your Sew awsome..
I wish I could just make up my own pattern. How crafty is that?

Random Thoughts said...

Oh Charity! You are so amazingly gifted and such a fabulous person too! What a combo. I love the bags, they are giving me much struggle with contentment or should I say my lack thereof lol. Thanks for re-posting!

Timi said...

Cute Cute cute! Love it!