Monday, March 23, 2009

Homeshcool Life

Quickie...that's all this is going to be...because right now, that's all I have left to give...

God is moving me into, yet, another direction. Yes...another direction I said, so when you see me next time I will look all-a-flutter! Not that I don't always look like I took a tumble down the stairs these days or maybe I just got up out of bed? I don't remember, anyhow my minds all jumbled up mostly because I'm just trying to get my thoughts and time organized. And, well, when that all happens, maybe I'll get to sit down and sensibly blog about a beautiful, inspiring, blog-appropriate occasion. Until then...know that the Fabulous Watts Mom is homeschooling (not all 4) I think I would curl up in the fetal position and begin to hum "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" while squeezing my eyes tightly shut if it was the WHOLE gang! It's just "J" 11...he's the one God has placed before me right now, so he's home and we're giving it a go, "J" 15 part time too, along with his Montessori classes.

That's the low-down for now, I'll try to blog...I'm just going to be a little spastic for a while, at least until I get the hang of this homeschooling thing :-)


Lateda said...

GIRL.. we NEED to get together.
Im so sick of just talking about it! Lets do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that J 5? is still in school? Yay!