Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy Bee

Finally, I took some snapshots of my projects. It's about time, I almost forgot to take pictures, in fact, I had the apron all packed up and ready to ship out when I remembered I promised to share on my blog the new stuff! So, off came the tape, out came the apron and click, click here are your pictures...the Buttercup bag, sew fun! Tutorial found here Made By Rae

Both of these aprons are my own creations...the top apron I've named the Nanny Apron after my Grandmother Lonnie whom I love dearly...
The 1/2 apron, I haven't decided yet...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I could even do a give-away to the person with the best name :) Wouldn't that be fun! It's a surprise join in a play along, you might just be a winner!

Happy crafting ladies...get busy... the Holidays are upon us!

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Amber Rose said...

Cute!!! I'm going to start thinking of a name for that apron:)