Saturday, April 17, 2010


My craft/sewing/office room was in desperate need of storage. We have everything in this room...I mean everything! So I decided I needed shelving...I couldn't get any more cabinets in there unless I hung them, so I went on a search. The search for a solution to my overcrowded, unorganized messy "Busy" room. What did I wanna know, don't you? O.k., o.k...I'll share...

First I decided to make something instead of purchasing. Yes, it was much cheaper than ordering them through Pottery Barn or Ballard Design. How did I manage that you wonder? Cause I'm not real handy with a hammer & nails, ya know...

Ah-Ha! I found this fabulous tutorial on how to make beautiful, amazing cafe shelves...and let me just say, this gal is pretty nifty. She really spells it all out for you, (assuming your like me, a little ditsy in the carpentry department)...and nothing makes a tutorial easier to follow than PICTURES!!! Thank you Traci :) I haven't really commented on her blog yet, mostly because I just started visiting it, but she rocks! I love scrolling through all of her crafty, neat projects...not to mention all the links others post on her DIY projects. Jump on over there and take a looky for yourself, you might just get inspired.

Anyhow here's snapshots of my DIY project...and may I just say, I think they turned out perfectly!

The Materials:

Ready to Paint:

Black Satin...of course:

Ta-Da...all done!