Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who Blogs, You Blog?

Uh-huh...partially, I do blog. When I sit down and be still long enough to fire up that thing we call a brain, I can scribble out something half way decent.

You know...I always have these terrific ideas, quirky little stories, awkward situations that I promise myself I will blog about, but I find I'm always getting side tracked. Does that ever happen to you? The side-track thing? I mean, my good intentions are always there, but the "get' er done" mentality...not so much. Not to mention, sometimes when you have 4 kids, they tend to suck the life right out of you, does any of this sound familiar to you?

I wish I could be one of those uber"bloggity" bloggers, the ones with all their eggs in row, all their crap together, but bless her heart...that's not me. I'm the hit- n- miss blogger, the one that will share something really deep and important, then check out for months at a time. Or I could sew up a storm, post some really cute creations, and next thing you know burn out sets in and I can't even think about jotting out a post. that I write it all out...sounds like a bunch of sorry excuses for sure! I think it's time I take more time to show a little blog love, don't you? Ramblings of a confused, sometimes ditzy part-time blogger...

Here's what I'm working on for the year, my sister-n-law Marci & I decided to start a virtual quilting circle, Not Your Mamas Quilt Club. It's been soooo much fun! She had Jan, I had Feb, so on and so forth. I can't tell you how excited I am over this quilt if I can just get it finished! Here it is...what do ya think?

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Amber Rose said...

HA!! Funny post..bless your heart:)
I'm just glad you said you know how UBER cool that word is!! LOL!! I'm cracking myself up right now:)