Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What have I been up to?

* Oh...let me tell you...

* The new school year has started, "J" 7 is in second grade this far, so good. "J" 11 & "J" 12 are in Middle school...what a trip that has been. Last, but not least "J" 16 is junior in H.S...need I say more?

* We serve our church. We lead service on Wednesday nights called Life's a full ((free)) dinner at 6pm, then we break out in discussion groups-children through adults. There's something for everyone, I've have taken on the kitchen and feeding people...anywhere from 90-120 people every Wednesday. It's keeping me quite busy!

* Our oldest "J" 16 is driving...we bought him his first car. I STRESS a lot when he's out on the road (which is often these days) . He also has a new girlfriend...I don't think I'm accepting this as well as I thought I would.

* I volunteer every Monday at the Middle school on lunch hour and every Friday for a reading class. For the Elementary school, I have volunteered for Book Fair and the Walk-A-Thon. I'm tired...just a little

* We have a young lady at church who is having her second baby...a little girl. I wanted her to have lots of pink pretties to put her in so I threw her a baby shower. It was a blast...I would do it again in a heart beat!

* My guy, well he's the defensive lineman coach for "J" 12's football team, the Pirates. They are gone 3 nights a week for 2 hours of practice...we girls on the other hand have cheer practice, yes, that's right they are Pirate cheerleaders!!! YAY!!!!! We also have cheer practice twice a week...

*Lastly, my little "J" 7 is very much an introvert. She's never wanted to do anything but be at home, with Mom & Dad. That all changed this year...she decided she wanted to try girl scouts. Sooooo...we now have our Brownie meeting twice a month.

My creative, crafty self is lost somewhere in the shuffle...I'm hoping to come across it soon. I'm thinking of looking for it on a shelf least that's what my good friend Tres Birds suggested :)


Amber Rose said...

When do you have time for sleep?? Oh thats right we don't sleep!! I DREAD the day I have drivers..the thought makes me get all panicky inside!!

Miss Charity said...

Yeah...panicky is kind of an understatement, more like severe anxiety!!! LOL