Friday, February 4, 2011

Be mine, Valentine I really got into Valentines Day this year. I know....some of you gals out there are rolling your eyes right about now. You just don't see why we should celebrate this day, it's the spawn of commercialism, right? Another frivolous holiday? Silly to even recognize it?

Let's just calmly discuss this topic, shall we? To begin with, I will give a you a list of why I like to celebrate and recognize Valentines Day...

1. First, and's all about Love...and we all know what "Charity" means, right? (so why wouldn't a girl with a name that means Love not celebrate the holiday that surrounds Love?)

2. It's the one day out of the whole year, that I can be as lovey-dovey, stary-eyed as I want to be with Papa Bear...and none of the 4 "J"s get grossed out.

3. Papa Bear is kind of a romantic, and on Valentines Day he al
ways sweetly surprises me in special little ways or sometimes big, exciting ways!

3. It's all about the red & pink, what's not to like about those amazing, girly colors?

4. Never (in my book) can there ever be too many holidays that involve chocolate, these days I need a special occasion to eat it since I've embarked on WW.

5. Making fun memories, no matter what it involves, for my kiddos is one of the MOST important things I do as a Mom.

6. It never has to be about gifts, it's the memories that count. Like the first year Papa Bear & I were married, he brought home 2 new decks of playing card because he knew how much I LOVE playing Nerts!

7. Who doesn't like to have another "Date Night"? They're too far and in between as it is...can I get an Amen?

8. Great reason to buy new nighties ;)

9. There's so many people in our lives that we forget to tell them how much we care, how much we appreciate them, how much we LOVE's the perfect day to express all those feelings and more. (I'm not saying we shouldn't do that each and every day, but you?)

10. Lastly, it's really all about what's in your heart, not stuff, not candy, not romantic notions...but it is all about this: 1Corinthians 13:4-8, go read will do your heart some good

Just a peek at my Lovely mantel...and some sweet craftyness

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