Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Space Cadet

That is what I am...for the last 2 weeks, I've forgotten to post my Sunday Love's...how lame can I get? Stick around, you'll find out sooner or later how bad it really is. I guess that means I have to double up on the list, huh? That's o.k...I think I can manage. I'm feel'n really lovey, you would know that if you've read my last post :)

1. Papa Bear has been preaching at church, and he really is loving every moment of it, so am I!

2. The crocheted projects that I've been completing...it makes me smile.

3. The new Weight Watcher Points Plus program is working for me, and I've lost 13.8 pounds so far!

4. I'm in Love with the stack of books next to my bed...I checked out 12 Lovely library books.

5. These boots are on my wish list...I'm definitely Loving them....

6. I really Love Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches :)

7. My really sweet friends chose our gang to hang out with on Super Bowl Sunday!

8. I Love that I've stayed caught up on the laundry for a few days now (it's kind of like a miracle!)

9. The 4 "J"s brought home lots and lots of A's...so very proud of them!

10. My mom...she just amazes me, and I hope one day, I'll grow up to be just like her.

11. The mantel all full of Valentiney stuff.

12. I Love the smell of Papa Bear early in the morning, (all squeaky clean) when I'm still cozy in bed and he leans over me with a big goodbye kiss.

13. I Love the comment I got from a long-time ago friend on FaceBook...it really put a hop in my step.

14. This one I'm not so sure I should share, but...I'm really Love'n the fact that competition cheer is over and I can finally rest a little...

There they are, my 14 Love's...what are yours?

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