Saturday, November 3, 2012


Life has settled for the moment.  My boy is still muddling through life, good days, bad days.  We are still at times screaming to the heavens, "God...please, oh please watch over this kid!"  And...he is, I know in my heart, God is working in his life.  Just like me, I know my boy just thinks, LIFE IS LAME!!!

Right now, I'm saying it over & over...this is LAME!!!  Yes...I'm having a temper'll just have to endure or move along to a more pleasant, cheerful blog that's sharing a Thanksgiving Day crafty tutorial or a collage of beautiful family photographs.

I'm feeling used & abused.  My husband is OBSESSED with football; watching football, (ok, I know this sounds super petty, BUT it's hurting me) coaching football, eating football, sleeping football!  I swear to you I could walk across the living room buck naked and his eyes wouldn't move from the TV!!!  He coaches football, my son plays football, the TV never changes from football, he attends every football game he can possibly make it to, and someone (ME!) is feeling a little bit non-existent!  I can't take it any longer...I wan't to SCREAM at the top of my  lungs..."You are going to be SORRY one of these days, you will REGRET not spending more time with me, I will be gone and all you will have is your STUPID SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!"

I MISS WA, I MISS my friends,  I MISS my little town, I MISS my beautiful home, I MISS feeling 'at home', I MISS my church, I MISS the rain, I MISS the seasons, and I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!

I wish I had a friend here...where are you?  How come I haven't met you yet?  I really need to meet you soon, it's lonely being me

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