Friday, June 27, 2008

Two Awsome Deliveries!

Today was completely wonderful! My best friend who I've known for many moons delivered her very first! Lily Grace made her grand appearance at 10:04 am, she weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs. 12 oz. and 21", my, I believe it was time for her to show her beautiful face whether she was ready or not :-) The delivery went smooth...Cesarean of course. We were all so excited to meet her, especially her mama and daddy! They both have waited and prayed for this day for a long time...God truly blessed all of us this morning! Of course my 4 J's couldn't get enough of her...they LOVE babies :-) My honey couldn't get enough of her either...good thing we took care of that situation a loooong time ago or he would be trying for another! We love her dearly, and we're all so very happy we've finally got to meet her.
Secondly...some new fabric arrived in my mailbox this afternoon! I'm so excited...two great things in one day (I'm really not spoiled!) I can't wait to get on that sewing machine and start sewing. I have lots of projects already in the works...and a couple of items ordered I need to get busy. This weekend's going to be a jam-packed, loaded to the max kind of weekend...wish me luck!


Amber Rose said...

Aaahhh babies!! Too cute! Congrats to the proud new parents!! Can't wait to see your crafty creations!:)

Anonymous said...

Lily Grace, how sweet. Beautiful fabric too!