Friday, December 9, 2011

Just Post Already...

As I was blog-stalking I realized I've been MIA for some time now (NOT NEWS, I KNOW!)...anyhoo, I stopped in to take a gander at the ol' blog & realized I have like a GAZILLION posts that I never published! LOL...

Ridiculous, I'm so passed those days...I should have just posted them already! However, I didn't and THAT'S that...moving along...

It's Christmas countdown and the decision has been made, this post will be all about a mosh-pit (thank you Amber for the expression) of stuff! A little bit of unimportant, a little bit of factual, a little bit of rant, a little bit of encouragement (a little something we could all use these days), so my dear one reader :) bear with my lame little blog post, alrighty?

I can't talk about Christmas without sharing my list, right? It's a doosey, just wait...

1. Move home to my beautiful PNW...oh how I miss you!
2. Maybe just a visit then??? Could you swing that, Santa?
4. This AMAZING make-up, with the coolest name on the planet :)
5. How cool would this be to be cruising around on?
6. I found some GORGEOUS earrings from Paris, gotta have'em!
9. Still wanting those fabulous Dansko boots from last years list
10. Can't wait to start reading The Night Circus

Not too much to ask for, ya think???? Dear Santa, make it happen...that's all I gotta say about the list.

Next up, MY top 10 Christmas Flicks:

1. Elf...I laugh EVERY time!
2. The Grinch, Jim are the BEST Grinch ever!
3. A Christmas Carol
4. It's a Wonderful Life

5. Polar Express
6. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
7. Santa Claus
8. Miracle on 34th St. (the original)
9. Fred Claus
10. Nightmare Before Christmas (I HEART Tim Burton)

Now that I got that out of the way, time to rant a little. Have you ever prayed and prayed for something so hard & so long the Lord finally says, "O.k. ya go, don't come cry'n to me when you realize the error of your ways, ya brat!" (I know, he wouldn't really say that last bit, but that's what I would say to my kid) It happened to me, yep...the last 5 and half months I've realized God answered my prayers, not really because it was in His plan, but because His plan was to reveal to me that He had a much different idea in mind for the Watts family & I just wasn't going to have it. NOW I see it, NOW I wish I could go back, but I can't.

What I CAN do is ask God to forgive me for being selfish, spoiled, & stubborn. Ask him to continue to guide our family, be the Captain and steer us in the right direction. He is my hope and my comfort, my future and my desire. No task is too big, no miracle he cannot perform, no situation he cannot CHANGE! That's what I will leave you with on this cool, crisp, morning. Instead of Santa this Christmas, write out a list to Jesus and pour out your heart to him. He is your answer, He is your Miracle Man!

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